November 30, 2007

As seen on the Mankiw Blog

Posted in Economic Growth, Globalization at 8:43 pm by davidprudente

Here’s an interesting video from as seen on the Mankiw Blog. I think I’ve been saying some of this in class, so don’t blame me if you didn’t know…While I’m not sure of the origin of this group, their information is accurate. (I’m a little skeptical of their website.)

November 20, 2007

The Fed Forcasts Slower Growth Next Year

Posted in Economic Growth, Federal Reserve, Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy at 5:37 pm by davidprudente

Check out this brief article from today’s Boston Globe. The Fed thinks economic growth will slow over the next year and unemployment will increase. Based on what we’ve discussed in class, what indicators might the Fed be looking at in making this prediction? How’s ’bout I give you 1 extra credit point on tomorrow’s quiz for answering this correctly.

Here’s a little longer article from CNN.