November 30, 2007

As seen on the Mankiw Blog

Posted in Economic Growth, Globalization at 8:43 pm by davidprudente

Here’s an interesting video from as seen on the Mankiw Blog. I think I’ve been saying some of this in class, so don’t blame me if you didn’t know…While I’m not sure of the origin of this group, their information is accurate. (I’m a little skeptical of their website.)



  1. Arianna Messmer said,

    I just want to point out that on their little references list their main reference is wikepedia…If thats such a reliable source why cant we use that for our research papers?

  2. davidprudente said,


    This is a common complaint amongst students. The difference is, you are a scholar and scholars are held to a higher degree of credibility (meaning, you would be expected to cite primary source documents).

    This group is probably just an individual who wants to get their point across. So sourcing isn’t a big concern. They are not submitting this as a piece of scholarship.

    As you know, Wikipedia is a useful tool. In fact the sources that the video cites Wikipedia for is from The International Monetary Fund and The World Bank (two reliable sources). However, Wikipedia is also a site that can be changed, so you might look at it and it will say one thing, then I go to confirm your research and the Wikipedia page has been changed and I can’t confirm your research. Wikipedia is a tool that can help confirm other information…but it is not what scholars use.

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