April 17, 2009

Review Materials

Posted in Microeconomics, Review at 8:10 pm by davidprudente

Here are some review Packets for Micro that you can download. (They’re PDF files so you’ll need Acrobat.)

Introduction to Economics

Supply, Demand, and Equilibrium

Costs of Production

These packets come from Welker’s Wikinomics, one of the most useful sites on the Web!

March 4, 2008

AP Exam Registration

Posted in AP Exam, Microeconomics at 7:58 pm by davidprudente

As you know AP exam registration must be completed by early next week. If you are interested in taking the Micro Exam, please see me to discuss. Because there is no check box on your registration sheets for the Micro Exam, you have to write it in on the bottom of the exam.

For those interested in the Micro exam, here is a chapter study guide to help you figure what you’ll need to read. In addition, here is a topic guide to help you understand what you’ll need to know.

P.S. To all of you who do not know whether you are taking micro or macro…figure it out.