July 4, 2008

AP Scores

Posted in AP Exam at 11:04 am by davidprudente

Congratulations to my students for doing well on the AP Macro exam.

I’ve heard from several of you and and very happy that your hard work has paid off

Enjoy the Summer!



  1. Brian Joseph Meyer I said,

    Shucks. Despite my best efforts to exceed expectations Mr. Prudente, I only got a 4, as you assumed I would. I guess if I spent more time studying and less time being “the most rascist student [you]’ve ever had” I might have achieved the gold. Oh well, as far as UMD is concerned it doesn’t make a difference so I suppose that’s ok.

  2. davidprudente said,


    Congratulations! a 4 is a great score…I’m happy for ya’.

  3. chris dougherty said,

    what’s up Mr. Prudente. I also got a 4 on the AP. Studying more might have gotten me a 5 but i am very content with a 4 considering is recieve credit for it at both Towson and UMD. See you next year some time…ill def stop by during break

  4. davidprudente said,

    Clearly the opportunity cost to get a five was too high. In the end, it has all worked out just fine. A 4 is still a pretty darn good score.

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