May 16, 2008

You Know The Economy Is Bad When…

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Beer drinkers have been trading in their premium beers for economy beers as of late. In economics we’d describe this consumer behavior as trading normal goods for inferior goods. For more, check out This article from CNN.

Perhaps this information will be useful as Senior week approaches.

Good Luck Seniors!



  1. Mike M. said,

    Thanks for the tip! Also, thank you for a great, informative, fun, and sometimes downright weird class. It has been a blast learning the ins and outs of Macro Economics with someone as competent and dun teacher as yourself. I am glad I had the opportunity to be in your class.

    Remember, keep it real!

    -Mike M

  2. davidprudente said,


    Thanks, I hope it was fun…Good luck next year. Be sure to stop back.

    And yes, I will keep it real.

  3. chris dough said,

    Us teenagers can relate to this already. Just the other day several of my friends were arguing about who should pay for beer, because gas prices have caused us to be more frugal with our earnings. We already buy the cheap brand of beer, so that part of the problem doesn’t affect us.

    Have a good summer Mr. Prudente. I wish you and your family a nice vacation.

    You should also come out to the Lacrosse States on Wednesday. It should be a good game

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