March 17, 2008

330 MPG – Now That’s More Like It!

Posted in Articles at 8:23 pm by davidprudente

Check out this new hybrid car that touts a 330 mpg standard. As the site suggests, “that’s 195 mpg more than President Bush’s recent energy bill.”

 I think they still have a little way to go with regards to comfort and luxury…but I always wanted one of those Jetson flying cars:


  1. chris dough said,

    At 1:25 look at the left side of the screen.

  2. davidprudente said,


    You’ll have to judge for yourself. Is it me or isn’t it? What do you want to believe?

  3. chris dough said,

    It is very possible that you were an extra in the movie…seeing as it was filmed in Baltimore. And even if it isn’t you, i’m going to tell everyone that it is.

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