March 13, 2008

New Five Dollar Bill

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:24 pm by davidprudente

Just a random post. The Treasury has unveiled the new Five dollar bill. Here’s the CNN article.

Five dollar bill



  1. chris dough said,

    who would want to forge a 5 dollar bill? are you going to go to a dealership and buy a new car with 30,000 dollars in 5’s? don’t think so

  2. Brian Sobiecki said,

    that purple five is pretty outlandish and really eye catching!

    but remember when you were asking in class about who’s parents would send them off to europe? I’m going backpacking through Europe over summer and staying with family a little, and I’ll be through Andorra, so cya at the palace

  3. Brian Sobiecki said,

    theres a little thing i stumble’d upon i thought you’d like

  4. davidprudente said,


    Thanks for that last post, pretty interesting and thoughtful commentary.

  5. Elizabeth Toby said,

    I went to work yesterday and I noticed that we got our new packets of 5’s in and so far people seem pretty unhappy with the new look. Even as I counted them for our nightly til I had an almost permenant scowl on my face, they’re quite….different. =/

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