March 4, 2008

AP Exam Registration

Posted in AP Exam, Microeconomics at 7:58 pm by davidprudente

As you know AP exam registration must be completed by early next week. If you are interested in taking the Micro Exam, please see me to discuss. Because there is no check box on your registration sheets for the Micro Exam, you have to write it in on the bottom of the exam.

For those interested in the Micro exam, here is a chapter study guide to help you figure what you’ll need to read. In addition, here is a topic guide to help you understand what you’ll need to know.

P.S. To all of you who do not know whether you are taking micro or macro…figure it out.


  1. Elizabeth Toby said,

    In reference to the AP Micro Exam study and topic guides provided, would you recommend checking out the provided link to UC Berkeley Microeconomics for further study/understanding of the Micro study material? I listened to some of the taped lectures on that site and found them a little below par for any hardcore studying practices, although that could also be attributed to not having either read along with what was being explained or previous to listening…

  2. Reece Peak said,

    Mr. Prudente,

    AP Test Scores and classes are one great way to prepare students for college. I’m probably going to minor in History now because of the 9 history credits I got at DHS.


    I really wish DHS taught me how to use APA citations instead of/in addition to MLA citations…thats one way DHS can help prepare students for college. Research and Sourcing. They “teach” us how to write a bibliography, they teach us how to source, but they don’t, when they taught me in English nothing was really specific. I only learned MLA thanks to the MLA handbook from your class. and i haven’t used MLA yet.

    I’m just saying, having all the AP teachers or the english teachers spend a few weeks and a test or 2 on MLA, APA, Chicago, and some of the other styles would have saved me allot of trouble at UMBC. 🙂

    Take it easy

  3. davidprudente said,


    Thanks for the post and good point. MLA tends to be the dominant style taught in liberal arts courses; APA tends to show up in Social Science course work; and Chicago is often only taught in English Lit and writing courses.

    I’ve actually dropped the MLA requirement because of the sheer number of students I teach who are not taught any style. I found that I spent an inordinate amount of time explaining where to put page numbers rather than explaining what the key points of the chapters were. While I agree it needs to be taught, the demands of teaching the content of courses sometimes limit what we are able to do. Oh yeah, plus it would cut into time dedicated to discussions that are off-topic.

    But really, there should be sometime committed to these styles that will be required in college. I will speak with the powers that be.

    Thanks for the feedback and good luck with the rest of the semester.

  4. Brian Sobiecki said,

  5. davidprudente said,

    Good link Brian. Thanks.

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