February 7, 2008

Chapter 31 Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Supply

Posted in Aggregate Demand at 7:58 pm by davidprudente

You should plan on completing pages 701-711 in chapter 31. Please focus on the factors that shift the demand curve.



  1. Brian Sobiecki said,

    are you okay sir? I’m praying for a steadfast recovery from this illness which has lessed the demand of prudente in the classroom due to your wonderful student’s understanding of the situation, and that is if you are actually sick and not just bitter from Sunday. Hopefully you’ll bring sunshine into the classroom tommorow by gracing it with your knowledge, see you soon.

  2. davidprudente said,

    Thanks Brian. I’m not bitter about Sunday’s loss. I can’t wait to spread some cheer tomorrow…we can review the exam…that’ll put a smile on many a face I am sure.

  3. Elizabeth Toby said,

    So when exactly is the Keynes chapter due? I asked around today and no one had a definite date..

  4. davidprudente said,

    Let’s say 2/29.

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