November 14, 2007

From the Mankiw Blog

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:36 pm by davidprudente

Check out this video recently posted on Mankiw’s Blog



  1. chris dougherty said,

    since that covers the entire book then that should just be our curriculum

  2. davidprudente said,

    Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Good luck on the AP Exam!

  3. Ted Keigler said,

    Sir your absence today sparked anxiety in the entire school. We were not notified of this and felt as if an emergency plan should be enacted.

  4. davidprudente said,

    Fear not young Keigler, for my absence was not an emergency. But I do appreciate your concern…true leadership in the spirit of The Dulaney Way.

  5. Joshua Hatfield said,

    Not really relevant to this video, but I found one on the 10 principles of economics:

  6. davidprudente said,

    Thanks Josh.

    I posted that video earlier in the year, but for those who missed it you’ve given them another chance. Good work.

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