November 13, 2007

Spider Web

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:41 pm by davidprudente

spiderman.jpgWere your Spidey-senses tinglin’? In case you were wondering, spiders produce silk from their spinnerets which are found on their abdomen (not thier wrists or their butts).

Yes, this is yet another gem from third period…perhaps the most entertaining class ever! This blog is quickly become a pop-culture blog rather than an economics blog. First we have Pirates, then The Wizard of Oz, and now Spiderman. What’s next???

Good luck on the Homework check tomorrow.


  1. Alexander Van Emden III said,

    haha man i miss that period three class…

  2. Katherine Libertini said,

    who would ask about the spiderman symbol? isn’t is obvious?

  3. Ali von Paris said,

    alex i think we need another visit from you soon!! hahah

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