November 8, 2007

Let the Study of Macroeconomics Begin

Posted in Macroeconomics at 9:14 pm by davidprudente

Have you ever thought about what causes a recession? Why is the economy strong sometimes and depressed at other times? Most of my students really have no recollection of the last recession in the United States (2001-2002) and some of you may not have been born when the U.S. experienced the previous recession (1991-1992).

During the vast majority of your lives the U.S. has experienced strong economic growth. As you approach your college years, most of you have said your goal in going to college is to “get a good job.” But, what if by the time you graduate the U.S. is in a severe recession; will you be able to find a good job?

Over the next several month’s we’ll be focusing on why economies experience ups and downs. According to Mankiw, “Macroeconomics The study of economy-wide phenomena, including inflation, unemployment, and economic growth.

Chapter 22—Measuring a Nation’s Income, introduces the major concepts we will consider the rest of the year.


  1. Elizabeth Toby said,

    That’s deep, Mr. Prudente. Deep.

  2. Mike M said,

    Here is the iTunes link for the UC Berkeley Microeconomics 101 class iTunes Link and here is the link to their site

  3. davidprudente said,

    Elizabeth – we’ll not my best work…but I’m okay with it for a Thursday night when I’m half-asleep. : )

    Mike – as usually, great job adding content

  4. Brian Sobiecki said,

    thanks mike that really helped

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