November 1, 2007

Arrgh! Pirates Do Exist

Posted in Stupidity at 3:52 pm by davidprudente


Again, Period 3 provides fodder for the blog. Here’s an article about current day pirates…yes, they do exist. Remember there are no stupid questions, just (well, you finish the statement).




  1. Jon H said,

    wait do they look like the guy in that picture above?

  2. davidprudente said,

    Yes they do. Often they have Parrots on their shoulders instead of crows. But crows are common. They also frequently have hooks for hands, as you know, pirating is dangerous work and pirates often lose a hand or a leg. Legs aren’t usually replaced with hooks as that would be stupid. Pirates prefer pegs so they can hobble around and look menacing. A pirate with a hook for a leg wouldn’t be very scary at all.

    Here’s an extra credit question for you: If you were a pirate and lost a hand, what would you replace it with? I guess a hook would be okay. Maybe a pincer would be better…or maybe on of those combs that looks like a switch-blade. That would be useful on the high-sea’s because the wind probably messes-up your hair a lot.

  3. Ted Keigler said,

    a M-16 sir, yes you’re arm would be weight down by the excessive weight of the gun, but when the poop hits the fan, you just plop that mother on the side of the boat and open fire.

  4. Mike M said,

    A Swiss army knife ’cause it basically has you covered in any situation

  5. Katherine Libertini said,

    Mr prudente- asking if pirates still exist was a perfectly legit question. Ali and I will be sharing a full report on it tomorrow.

  6. davidprudente said,

    Agreed. And I’m looking forward to hearing your report. : )

  7. Josh Fann said,

    Look, they do exist:

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