October 30, 2007

Speaking of Taxes

Posted in Taxes tagged , , at 4:15 pm by davidprudente

As I was saying in class, it’s up to us to choose how we spend our tax dollars. Check out this story from CNN about an attempt to use tax dollars to build a mule museum in Bishop California.

Is this type of pork barrel spending helpful to the economy? What utility do you get from projects like this?



  1. Mike M said,

    Ron Paul’ interesting tax views on The Tonight Show

  2. davidprudente said,


    Thanks for the video. I am not endorsing any particular candidate, but if any of you find a video of the mainstream candidates’ views on economic policy and would like to have me post them, I’ll be happy to do that.

  3. Bridget said,

    is chapter 12 due tomorrow?

  4. davidprudente said,

    There is not a quiz if that’s what you mean. I would like you to know the concepts. I won’t be grading you, but I will be silently judging you all.

  5. Bridget said,

    Okay, I’ll be ready for that.

  6. davidprudente said,

    Will you? Really?

  7. davidprudente said,


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