October 26, 2007


Posted in Articles, Taxes at 3:59 pm by davidprudente

Extra Credit Alert: 

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be examining the costs of taxation as well as the design of the tax system in the United States. In class on Friday I asked students to read this article by Professor Greg Mankiw where he argues that wealthy Americans pay their “fair” share of the tax burden (based on Congressional Budget Office data). I also found this article about Representitive Charlie Rangel’s (D-NY) new tax proposal.

As you read, I would like you to consider several questions (read the second article and answer the questions for extra credit):

  1. Who will bear the tax burden? (Rich, Middle-class, Poor)
  2. What effect will tax policy have on you?
  3. How can tax cuts help/hurt the economy?
  4. What programs will the government need to restrict if we cut taxes?

Also, be sure to complete chapter 8: The Costs of Taxation as you will have a quiz on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend.



  1. Arianna Messmer said,

    ok. i can’t find your campaign website. ive googled 45732423 variations of bowmaster and prudente 08 presidency campaign.

    you better not have tricked me…that better have been a real website!

  2. davidprudente said,

    Umm…I think we’re waiting for our staff to put the finishing touches on the web site.

  3. Yu Yin Ngai said,

    Which article are you talking about for the extra credit?? Is it “Fair Taxes? Depends What You Mean by “Fair””??

  4. Yu Yin Ngai said,

    Or is it “Giant tax overhaul bill unveiled”

  5. davidprudente said,

    Comment on both articles.

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