October 12, 2007

Chapter 6

Posted in Assignments, Price Ceilings, Price Floors at 3:55 pm by davidprudente

Your homework this weekend is to read chapter 6 and complete questions: 1, 2, and 4 and problem: 3.


  1. chris d said,

    when is the combined test going to be?

  2. davidprudente said,

    The homework check for chapter’s 5 & 6 will be Wednesday.

  3. Steve R said,

    but thats senior breakfast
    can it be tuesday instead

  4. davidprudente said,

    Let’s do Thursday for periods 1 & 3 and Wednesday for 4, 5, & 7.

  5. davidprudente said,

    Sorry Alex. While I commend your “Spirit”, I can’t post the video…

  6. davidprudente said,

    Well, yes, a difficult loss. However, how one deals with adversity and defeat sometimes tells a lot about their character. Let’s see how the Red Sox respond. And let’s not forget that they are playing against a very good baseball team.

  7. davidprudente said,

    Well said Brian.

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