September 29, 2007

Red Sox Win AL East – How ’bout dem O’s

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:03 am by davidprudente

The O’s came back from a 3-run deficit to beat the Yankees last night, which helped clinch the AL East title for the Red Sox! See, Boston and Baltimore fans have a lot in common; beating the Yankees is always a great thing.

Red Sox Logo O's O's


  1. Amanda G said,

    I commend the Red Sox and Orioles for their performances. However, the Yankees will have something neither team will ever have, 27 world series CHAMPIONSHIPS!

  2. Corey Berg said,


  3. davidprudente said,

    Gotta love the trash talkin’. The playoffs are almost here…While the Red Sox may not have as many titles as the Yankees, At least they have won a World Series this Century.


    Last I checked, the Yanks still have to beat Cleveland before they can even think about Whoopin’ anyone else.

  4. Chaoran Chen said,

    i agree! i think the yankees are in a down-hill period, and they got no chance because all their “good” players are geting old, but, everyone should agree, the baltimore orioles are the future!

  5. niki said,

    Os= future? lol. i got the best laugh out of that. really needed it too. thanks! *rofl*

  6. Steve R said,

    I think the Red Sox are as good just as good, if not better than last years team and can easily win te World Series again

  7. Alexander Van Emden III said,

    The orioles are obviously going to win the world series this year I mean the numbers don’t lie they’re just that good. LET’S GO O’S!!!

  8. steinberg said,

    what happened to no baseball comments prudente? hopefully the sox will advance because besides beckett, the yankees own red sox pitching

  9. davidprudente said,

    We shall see.

  10. niki said,

    yupp!! totally agree wit steinberg!! 😀

    beckett .. i rele hope he gets on the DL cuz of his blisters or sumtin… like usual . lolol

  11. chaoran said,

    LET’S GO O’s!!!

  12. davidprudente said,

    2nd inning and the Yankees are down 3-1 to Cleveland. Extra credit for everyone if the Yankees lose. If they win, all you Yankees fans…well let’s put it this way, I’ll see you next year.

  13. Alexander Van Emden III said,

    did anyone catch the score of the os game?? i know they were up 3-1 in the 2nd as well…

  14. davidprudente said,

    Double Secret Extra Credit for everyone. While I’m not one to count the Yankees out, 0-2 to Cleveland feels good. Anyone catch that Red Sox score?

  15. Chaoran said,

    was it redsox 6, angle 3 on friday’s game?

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