September 24, 2007

United Auto Workers Strike!

Posted in Basic Economic Concepts, Labor, Strikes, Unions at 7:50 pm by davidprudente

UAW Stikes!


Today, the United Auto Workers decided to Strike. “73,000 workers at 80 GM plants across the nation walked off the job.”

Questions of the day: How would a large strike like this affect a nations PPC? How might this strike affect the local economies around those 80 factories? How might this strike affect the U.S. economy? And finally, why would workers/unions want to strike in the first place?

For more info, here’s a link to the Boston Globe’s article about the strike.



  1. Alex Marsh said,

    Hey Mr Prudente

    Are these questions extra credit?


  2. davidprudente said,

    Yes, they are worth 3,658,677,928 extra credit points.

  3. Alex Marsh said,

    YES, i need that many to recover from that test.

  4. rakethetable said,

    I know this is big business with many economic issues.

    However, how much of it is ego?

    We here in the Atlanta area are dealing with the Hapeville Ford plant closing and the GM Doraville plant closings. We are dealing with the Delta Air Lines cut backs. Our housing market has a flood of homes on the market. On the bright side – it does make the area more interesting to other sectors business with the excess labor pool. Some displaced workers create small companies which hopefully will grow. It is really amazing to see the dynamics of such an impact on the economy as a whole. I think this area will be okay. The ones that will hurt the most are the oldest most run down areas – they will bread most undesireables.

  5. davidprudente said,


    Thanks for your viewpoint. Here in Maryland there are a couple of plants affected by the strike. However, none are in the community where our school is so me and my students are not directly effected by the stike…yet.

  6. Ted Keigler said,



  7. davidprudente said,

    Thanks Ted.

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