September 22, 2007

Recommendations for Paper

Posted in Papers at 9:11 pm by davidprudente

Students have asked what is the best way to approach the Adam Smith paper. I think there are two approaches you could use to demonstrate your understanding of the chapter. The first approach would be to focus on a couple of points and discuss them in depth. The second approach would be to focus on many points and integrate them into a logical essay. Either approach will work, but it’s really up to you.

What I’m really looking for in this paper is to identify your writing ability. Be sure you focus on the technical aspects of your writing: syntax, punctuation, spelling, sentence construction, etc. After 12 years of schooling, I expect you to be proficient (if not exceptional) in your writing ability.

Good luck.


  1. Katie Parker said,

    Mr. Prudente-

    Should we be citing right from the text or do you want everything to be summarized in our own words?


  2. davidprudente said,

    You should be summarizing most of this material. However, if you are going to use a quote, please follow MLA Style guidelines. Use parenthetical citation format but only include the page number. You should use this approach if you are paraphrasing as well.

  3. Katie Parker said,


  4. jun l said,

    Mr Prudente-

    are we allowed to first person

    when we write about what we learned?…

  5. davidprudente said,

    Yes, first person is fine for this paper.

  6. jun l said,

    thank you

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