September 7, 2007

Chapter 3 Homework Questions and Problems

Posted in Assignments at 9:17 pm by davidprudente

Just a reminder that questions 4 & 5 and problems 1, 2, 3, & 9 will be due on Wednesday 9/12. Enjoy your weekend. You might also want to check out the on-line practice quiz at the text book site.



  1. Jon H said,

    when will we receive more info on the worldly philosphers reaction paper and when is an approximate due date? also do we have a quiz on this chapter?

  2. davidprudente said,


    I hope to have a description about the paper by mid week. The Due date will probably be around 9/25.

    And yes, there is a quiz on chapter 3. I’m thinking 9/15.


    Mr. P.

  3. Ted Keigler said,

    Sir, I hope the quiz is not on 9/15 because that would indicate that we would have to come to school on a Saturday which would conflict with my weekend activities.

  4. Eric said,

    I concur with teddy. we have a football game at 1:00. hopefully we will be 2-0. Dulaney high football rules

  5. davidprudente said,

    As we have yet to expand the school week to Saturday…let’s make it Friday. But look at the Calendar on this page. Who (other than MicroSoft and other computer weirdos) has Saturday and Sunday together…

  6. Mike M said,

    You can actually change that yourself and make the calendar start on Sunday (or Tuesday, Wednesday, or w/e you want). All you have to do is once you login to wordpress, click the options tab, scroll down to where it says “Weeks in the calendar should start on:” and change it to whatever day you want.

    And WordPress has nothing to do with Microsoft, it is completely free and open source…….unlike Winblows.

  7. davidprudente said,


    You Rock! Extra credit for you!

  8. Ted Keigler said,

    Very notable claim Mike M.

    But Mr. Prudente, regardless of the irregular arrangement of the calendar, Friday does not start with an S.

    My Confusion Grows.

  9. davidprudente said,


  10. Mike M. said,

    So here is how to change outlook’s calendar (works on Outlook 2000, 2002, and 2003), :
    Click Tools
    Click Calendar Options
    Where it says “First Day of Week:” you can select what day you want the week to begin and also what time.

    Hope this helps you.

  11. Stephanie said,

    You never collected this from period 1 :-\

  12. davidprudente said,

    I know…I told people at the end of class that I would collect it on Monday.

  13. Ted Keigler said,

    I am amiss, you did not collect them today.

  14. davidprudente said,

    duh…remind me will you! I think I might have Alzheimer’s disease.

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