September 6, 2007

Social and Economic Goals for the United States

Posted in Assignments, Basic Economic Concepts at 12:30 am by davidprudente

Societies face many trade-offs when faced with the economic question of What to produce, how to produce it, and for whom to produce. What societies choose depends upon what their economic systems value. On Friday the 7th we’ll be discussing the broad social and economic goals for our society.

For extra credit follow this link, complete the worksheet, and show it to me on Friday.

See you in class,

Mr. P.


  1. Ted Keigler said,

    Ah, this extra credit assignment seems like an excellent opportunity for those slackers to catch up on those few missing points they may have accumulated throughout these first few weeks of school.

  2. Caitlin said,

    Not just for slackers – also for the people who are still adjusting to how he wants us to read, like me. Different teachers call for different reading strategies, after all.

    But I’ll definitely be doing the assignment, once I get to a computer with a printer.

  3. Josh Fann said,

    It should be alright if we just copy down the chart right? Unfortunately my computer can’t print as of now.

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